About Us

About Us

Hola. Bonjour. 你好. Ciao. Aloha. Konnichiwa. Hello.

Thanks for stopping by our corner of the interwebs! We are Scott and Shelby and for nearly the last decade we’ve called Colorado our home.

We both sort of just ‘wound up’ here; I came for college and Scott just drove through one day and decided to stay. Somewhere along the lines we both found ourselves living next door to each other in sunny Boulder.

Fast forward a few years and here we are…married and pretending to be Denver natives. We love Denver. We love our jobs. We love our dog (more on Phloyd later) and the cat. We love our house. We love our friends and family. But, we also love traveling and that brings us to why this blog exists, our impending ’round the world trip. There are more details about why we are going here.

Traveling the world, taking this trip – it’s been something we’ve talked about for a long time. And it’s time to put all of our big talk into action. We’ve quit our jobs, packed up our house and loaded up on as many vaccines as our body can handle.

Away we go. Our goal is to hit as many countries as we can stomach, to collect as many great stories as we can, to live our dream and inspire our future kids with.

Fun Facts About Shelby

I am known for really good photos...thumbs up is my signature move.
I am known for really good photos…thumbs up is my signature move.
  1. I got hooked on traveling when I spent a summer in China in 2010 traveling and  “interning” (let’s be honest–my engineering gig consisted of a lot of ping pong and making everyone in the office nervous because they didn’t know what to do with me).
  2. Things I like in no particular order: cucumbers, singing in the car, patios, breweries, lemons, and eating.
  3. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I came out to Colorado for college and could never quite talk myself into leaving (especially when I met a cute guy named Scott and then I was content to stay for a while). I never miss the heat, humidity, and traffic but I sure do miss my family!
  4. I am very afraid of fire, riding in cars, heights, and sometimes planes. Although the act of travel can be scary to me, my destination always seems to make me forget that these things really terrify me.
  5. I have a love/hate relationship with running. One month I am a “runner” and am ready to run a marathon. Most other times I love the thought of running, but my follow through is poor. Sometimes I just downright hate it. This might also apply to all forms of exercise.
  6. My family grew up road tripping around the USA. While I did not appreciate it then, I am so thankful to have been able to see most of the states in this amazing country I call home. Also, they took me to a baseball game at every major league baseball stadium and that always gave me some cool points growing up. I am thankful to have these memories traveling around the country together.
  7. I have an intense dislike for raisins….I love grapes and especially love wine, but raisins are the worst.

Real Fun Random Facts About Scott


  1. Up until today (7/6/2016) I’ve visited a total of five foreign countries: Canada, Mexico, Croatia, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. Six if you count Puerto Rico. Shelby won’t let me count Germany even though we stopped at the airport there on our way to Croatia. I anticipate that this number will go up.
  2. I’m color blind. Which kind of sucks because I always wanted to be an artist but art classes were hard for me. Color theory and what not. Anxiety related to not seeing the world as others do. Hmmm…. but isn’t that what art is all about? The juxtaposition of science, genetics, and the human spirit…ooo ahhhh.
  3. My wife was the girl next door. Not like the movie with Elisha Cuthbert…way better than that. I think a good ‘how we met’ story is key. Our’s is sweet but I don’t think she remembers telling me how she likes black and grey tattoos on the front lawn of 802 19th street. I do though.
  4. When I moved to Colorado I said I was going to get a dog. And I did. His name is Phloyd and he’s like a son to me. Son may be the wrong word – I would say he’s done more in terms of taking care of me than I have of him. Others would probably disagree. Either way, he’s our hairy son now.
  5. I have two sisters. I gave them a lot of shit growing up. It’s amazing they still talk to me, but they do. One even just moved half way across the country to live in the same city that I call home.
  6. I’ve got two parents. One is a obstetrician slash gynecologist which is why the term ‘tubal ligation’ stands out as dinner time talk. The other is speech pathologist which explains why me talk funny some time.
  7. I don’t hate raisins. They’re pretty good, especially in bagels. Add some lox and cream cheese and I’m a pig in shit.