Taking Back the Blog

Taking Back the Blog

This blog was always a dream of mine — to create a log for my memories and summarize an incredible trip around the world with my husband. We created this blog together in hopes of memorializing this trip and our feelings. I think it did just that, but not without challenges. Attempting to keep the blog real time while traveling and planning every detail of our trip turning out to be infeasible. While I longed to be writing about the best meal I ever ate in Japan or about the lack of sidewalks in developing countries it was more pressing to figure out where I was going to sleep that night or how to get from the airport to our destination. Sometimes it would take 15 minutes to load a single picture to the blog (thanks crappy internet) or I wanted Scott to share some photos he took for a post  and his creative process is a bit slower than mine (leading to frustration for both of us). All of these things let to me being frustrated and behind on the blog. There still is no post about our last country, Costa Rica. Not to throw Scott under the  bus, but I wanted him to write that one. He didn’t ever get around to writing it and I don’t blame him. I always wanted this to be “our blog,” but maybe it was never supposed to be that. Maybe it was always supposed to be my little corner of the internet — an outlet for my thoughts and a place to share our adventures (even if it is just for me to look back on one day). I never wrote any posts about our road trip when we got back to the US. I never wrote a recap post of our whole trip with all of the stats I painstakingly kept track of. So I am taking back the blog! Today I read through old blog posts and I love the way it took me back to my exact feelings and thoughts at a particular time. The past year there have been no posts — I feel like I missed an opportunity and am sad that there is not a lasting record of my year to reflect on.

I am back in the US, back at the same job as I had before, and back to my “regular” life. It has been a year. We bought a house (not just any house, it is OUR house we have been living in for the previous 5 years and where Scott and I started our life together). We hiked. We ran races. We started a business running an Airbnb out of our guest house. We worked. I became a PE (professional engineer — it took months of studying to pass the test). We ate incredible food. We traveled to Cleveland, NYC, Steamboat, New Jersey, Connecticut, Ouray/Teluride, and Texas. We celebrated weddings and engagements. We discovered new restaurants and places in a city we know and love. We had some family health scares. Although these things don’t have the same ring as quitting our jobs to travel the globe, these things are important too. These small adventures are the moments that make up my life and I want to have a lasting account of everything in between. I crave my adventures from the past, but I also look forward for the adventures to come. There will be some more posts about our journey ’round the world, our road trips around the USA, and about returning home. There will also be posts about my “regular” life at home too — because that is an adventure worth celebrating too.


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